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    Home Page > Chloride CBC Series Battery Charger

    Chloride CBC Series Battery Charger

    The name Chloride is synonymous with batteries.... with quality and dependability proved and improved since the 19 century. This Chloride experience has been extended to battery chargers of standby power battery systems (i.e. batteries used in fixed locations). It is specially designed to meet the vital requirements of standby power system batteries.

    Chloride Batteries’ series of standby power system chargers are built for both lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. They are available in single or three phase units, depending on input power ratings. Indeed, it has incorporated the most asked-for features and offers a high degree of standardization and reliability, such as:
    • Complete automatic operations and designed for easy maintenance and longer battery life.
    • Solid state circuitry that constantly monitors battery conditions. Fully automatic boost and float charge functions that ensure maximum battery life and a 100% rating in battery performance.
    • A phase controlled thyristor rectifier generously derated for a longer reliable life cycle.
    • Low-impedence leakage reactance transformer that provides inherent short circuit protection for rectifiers and reduces the peak current applied to batteries.
    • A 'soft start' feature to provide sufficient time for limited current to operate on start up even under short circuit conditions. An additional benefit is a complete "soft start" resetting on rapid Mains re-application which may occur in transient line-fault conditions.
    • D.C. output protected by fuses ensure correct circuit protection against overloads.
    • Transformers, controller card and thyristors are in common circuit configuration and standardized throughout the entire range of standby power system chargers. This makes it convenience to replace parts and minimizes down-time.
    • Controller cards are completely interchangeable, ensuring spare parts are readily and constantly available.
    • Optional cubicles are available; to accommodate only the charger; both charger and battery, or upon request; custom-made 19-inch rack-mounted.
    • Instruments, controls and indicators are conveniently grouped for ease of operation.
    • Alarm sensing device is fitted as standard equipment to monitor the respective functions:
    a) A.C. ON e) Low battery voltage
    b) Boost charge f) High battery voltage
    c) Float charge g) Electrolyte low level
    d) Charge failure h) Faulty earthed
    • Labelled L.E.D. indicators fitted to the control panel to show individual local faults.
    • Fault indicators are maintained until the fault has been cleared and the alarm automatically reset. Manual resetting is also available.
    • Remote or local audible alarm indication of common fault conditions are made possible through a set of voltage free changeover contacts, on a relay fitted to the control card.
    • Adjustable high and low voltage alarm levels to suit each application.