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    Schaefer Power Conversion System

    Schäfer Elektronik, founded in 1969, has grown to a dedicated workforce of 140 people in Germany, Ireland, and the USA. Thanks to decades of experience in design and manufacturing of power supplies, Schaefer offers a large variety of products, options, and enhancement features. In the fi eld of high power requirements, Schaefer has achieved and continues to command a leading position.

    Requirements are analyzed by a group of experts in dialog with the customer resulting in an individual concept. With the production located next to the development department an optimal interaction can be accomplished during all stages of a project. Hence the customer gets tailor-made solutions for large or small quantity requirements.

    Schaefer power supplies are often used for applications which demand a high level of reliability under severe environmental conditions, e. g.
    ■ Railroad industry
    ■ Automotive industry
    ■ Telecommunication
    ■ Power generation plants
    ■ Chemical plants and oil refi nery
    ■ Factory automation
    ■ Military industry

    Development guidelines, arduous selection of industrial components regarding their load criteria and temperature performance as well as many test procedures during all steps of production ensure the highest product quality. In addition, Schaefer pursues a full supplier management according to ISO 9001 which guarantees permanent improvement of the products especially within the turbulent market of electronic components.